Application Review and Approval Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in applying for one of our apartments. Please review the our applicant guidelines below.

If you are looking to apply for one of our active listings, please find the apartment you’re applying for in our Active Listings and use the application found within.

If you would like to be added to an existing lease as a subletter or roommate, or lease an unlisted property, please use our Online Application. (Please note that the Online Application does not work in mobile browsers at this time.)

  • Rental History: Applications that display a history of prior evictions, overdue rent payments, unauthorized breach of contract and/or property damage will be subject to denial.
  • Income Verification: Monthly rent may not be greater than 35% of the gross annual income (before taxes) of applicants. All verifiable sources of income count towards this total. If you do not meet this qualification, you can submit a co-signer application or apply for a different apartment at a lower rent.
  • Credit History: Bertsch Properties verifies your credit history. If you do not have any credit history, we may require a co-signer. Poor credit may require a co-signer or result in rejection of an application.
  • Criminal History: Bertsch Properties checks the criminal history of all applicants, including but not limited to felony records and sex offender databases. Prior convictions will be subject to denial.
  • Occupancy limits: Applications that exceed the limits listed below will not be accepted:
    • Studios: one person
    • One bedrooms: two people
    • Two bedrooms and Three bedrooms: four people
  • Response time for applications: We will contact you within 1-2 business days of receiving your application, provided we do not encounter delays in verifying your information.
  • Deadline for Leases: The applicant must sign a lease within 2 business days after notification of approval. The first month’s rent must be paid in full at the time the lease is signed.